“It would be easy enough to announce Da Mario as an authentic, family-style Italian restaurant, but I fear this would undermine the true triumph of this restaurant, which could be summed up with the word “design.””

From the moment you cross the threshold into Da Mario, located at The Star in Frisco, you are quickly made aware that you have entered another realm. With mid-century modern interior elements and tasteful presentation of delectable courses and cocktails, Da Mario offers an experience that is designed to be both captivating and transformative.

Da Mario Italian Restaurant is a new fine dining Italian restaurant devoted to Neapolitan pizza, handmade pasta, and more Italian dishes served family-style or individually. The wine list is full of offerings from all regions of Italy, while guests can order cocktails from a Negroni cart. As for decor, a wood-fired oven takes center stage, along with displays of cheeses, pastas, and other Italian ingredients. Rockwell Group handled the decor, using dark wood, warm golden tones, and hints of deep green.